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Why don't people believe when the bible, every step of the way, says what's going to happen to those people?

It's like going down a road that at the end is a cliff. But as you're driving, you see signs that say "caution", and "cliff up ahead". And as you get closer, you see flashing red lights say "danger". But yet, people still keep driving even though every step of the way, you get warnings.

Why is this?
I believe the Quran when it says that there is no God but God, and when it says that Jesus will come back. ^_^
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We are people of limited senses and understanding. We tend to only believe what we see. What we don't see or understand we make up theories to try to explain away (some call that science). We look at everything in human terms because we are, after all, only human. So, when we don't understand what God has created, done, planned, or wrought on us (however you choose to view it), we say there is no God, only what we can sense for ourselves. I personally choose to believe that there is much I don't see or understand. You can call me an idiot for accepting that I don't and can't possibly ever know everything, but I'm willing to accept that, unlike some people on this forum who seem to feel they know every fact. I'm actually a pretty intelligent human. I graduated at the top of my class, am a high-level technical consultant at a major US corporation and spend a great deal of time studying real science (not the science fiction so popular today). I enjoy understanding how the world I believe God's hand created works. Don't let anyone brainwash you into thinking a million birds senselessly whacked themselves unconscious before the woodpecker developed it's complex shock absorbing cranium, and the fish that grew feet became a mammal and turned back into a bear that then went back into the water and became a whale. You think the Bible sounds far-fetched! Just watch these fables on the History Channel and National Geographic sometime, where they paint a picture of what the early earth looked like as if it were scientifically or historically accurate. Then use your own brain and think about it for a while. That's what I've done, and the God I read about in the Bible makes more sense to me than any story I've heard elsewhere. I'd rather believe the history written by those 5,000 years ago who lived during it than what some novelist/journalist of today speculates it might have been like. We think we're so vastly intelligent but in reality we know so little about our world that we can't even manage to live in it without destroying it. Maybe if we tried listening to God for a change things would be better? I mean, caring for the widows and the orphans, feeding the poor, being faithful to our spouses, living in peace with our neighbor, doing what's right, honoring truth, respecting our parents, avoiding drunkenness and debauchery (sorry if that offends anyone). Who would want to buy into that? Get Real!

BTW, I don't have all the answers, but I know some very good people who are Muslims, Hindu's, etc, and some very poor Christian examples. I happen to be a strong Christian. I love the life Christ lived (and yes, I do believe he actually lived contrary to what some modern day novelists might be selling). I don't know what will happen in the end, but I firmly believe the God of the universe will do right and all who deserve his salvation will be saved, no matter what their religious title. I don't think God is religious.

Bible Flash Drive

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